Telamadera Fusion™ Artist


ETelamadera Fusion™ is an innovative mixed-media process that brings fabric and paint together on wood in a luminous and brilliant way. I will discuss the elements of design, emphasizing contrast and value to create a stand-out work of art. You will learn how wood-burning and dimensional paint can be used to create wonderful texture.

Many examples will be provided. You will create two beautiful pieces, a Telamadera Fusion artwork that is 14”x14” and a Telamadera Fusion with Art Quilt that is 16”x16”. Telamadera Fusion requires 7 coats of polymer coating (no fumes!) that is non-yellowing and that has UV protection, specific for fine art. You will have time in class to complete the first coat and you will be given tools and instruction to complete the pieces at home.

All your supplies will be provided except fabric scissors and there will be 15 designs to choose from, unless you want to create your own, which you are welcome to do.

All skill levels are welcome! $45 supplies fee required. Thank you.

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